Manufacturing Units

Each of the two factories at Kadiyam and Gummidipoondi are having two sets of tandem type in line stranding machines for the stranding of upto 5417 construction transmission line conductors with the conductor being manufactured in one pass of the stranded steel core through the machine. The steel core is being stranded on tubular stranding machines fitted with pre-forming and post-forming devices. Two slip type wire drawing machines for the production from the aluminium wire rod in one operation of the aluminium wires of the required diameter which are used for stranding in the conductor are installed in each factory.

Both the factories at Kadiyam and Gummidipoondi are holding BIS licences for ACSR and AAAC, the details of which are as follows:-

i) ACSR Licence No.CMn-1026932,

ii) AAAC Licence No.CM/L-6464880.

i) ACSR Licence No.CM/L 63 15 156,

ii) AAAC Licence No.CMIL 6471675.

Manufacture of Aerial Bunched Cables was taken up at the Kadiyam factory in September, 2006. Equipment of high standards both for extruding the insulating material covering of the conductors and also for laying up of the Aerial Bunched Cables were installed. The AB Cables manufactured by the company are of excellent quality and have been well received