Aerial Bunched Cables


Aerial Bunched Cable (ABC) is a very novel concept for Over Head power distribution. When compared to the conventional bare conductor over head distribution system, ABC provides higher safety and reliability, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operative cost. This system is ideal for rural distribution and specially attractive for installation in difficult terrains such as hilly areas, forest areas, coastal areas etc. ABC is also considered to be the best choice for power distribution congested urban areas with narrow lanes and by-lanes. In developing urban complex, ABC is the better choice because of flexibility for rerouting as demanded by changes in urban development plan.

Construction of Aerial Bunched Cables:

HDPE insulated power conductors and neutral of Aluminum solid wire is stranded/twisted around a bare stranded aluminium alloy conductor known as messenger conductor to form the Aerial Bunched Cable. This assembly is directly strung on to distribution pole whereby the sag between the poles is borne by the messenger conductor and the power conductors do not experience any stress that will effect the its conductivity. Since, the tension from the current carrying conductor is totally removed by introduction of messenger. wire the operating temperature of the conductor is 90° C as against 75°C of the bare conductor under tension thereby allowing ABC to carry current equivalent to that of bare conductor of the same size.

Materials and Standards

Aluminium conductors conform to IS:8130 (Class-II). Aluminium Alloy messenger wire conforms to IS:398 (Part-IV). High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) insulation of power conductors conform to IS: 6474.

Reliability and Safety:

ABC Cables are highly reliable and insulation has been developed to withstand heat, cold and intense sunlight. There is no risk in touching the live cable and the insulation reduces the number of short circuits and over-voltages in overhead cables during thunder-stones.

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