Aluminium Electrolytic Grade Wire Rod

Electrolytic Grade Continuous Cast Aluminium Wire Rod [EC Wire Rod]
EC Wire Rod of 9.5mm diameter is manufactured in accordance with ASTM B 233 and EN 17152:1997. The five stages involved in the manufacture of the wire rod are as follows:
1. Melting and holding of molten aluminium.2. Fluxing and Degassing.3. Continuous casting of trapezoidal cast bar.4. Continuous rolling of cast bar.5. Coiling of the 9.5mm diameter wire rod.
During the melting process and holding of the molten metal, the quality of the molten metal is monitored for inclusions. Inclusions are removed by fluxing, degassing and filtering before the molten metal enters the casting machine. The cast bar that exits the casting machine passes through shears and straighteners before entering the rolling mill. The rolling mill is a two high, eight strand rolling mill with high reduction ratios. The higher reduction ratios imparts optimum grain structure to the wire rod. The various tempers are obtained by controlling the rolling parameters. The rod that is manufactured through our rolling mill meets all national and international specifications and we have consistently produced wire rod that has higher tensile, conductivity and elongation values.

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